Friday, February 16, 2007

Bintan Getaway

Check out our Room, right on top of the little hill. I thought it'll be cool, but the view was blocked by the lush shrubs growing right in front of our little hut..or rather half a little hut. When I opened the door, I was even shocked. 2 beds and a long dirty-looking couch, stacked with 2 huge cushions with yellowish taints. "Could THAT be my bed....?!!!"

Fangster laughed. "Yes..looks like it... You were the last to confirmed, so you go tto have it.."
"Sob, sob..." "But I paid for my equal share..!! Look! "My Bed" looks like it's gg to collapse anytime!", I shierked pointing at the slanting wooden legs of the dirty-looking couch.

After all the drama and shock, we consoled ourselves that at least we got hot shower, and air-conditionng in the room. We finally got changed and went to check with the receptionist about the 3rd bed that we paid for.

Trying to Look excited after all that drama..
Room 45, hope after the takeover by Nirwana, they will do something abt the conditions of the rooms at Mana Mana..
Day 1 - was quite tiring with all the travelling on the bus, paddling and exploring the resorts in Bintan. We checked out Nirwana which is just besides Nirwana Garden (previously known as "Mana Mana"). Thereafter, we went to Bolei Bolei market and then to the reservoir for some kayaking. But in the end, we did the paddle boat only. Though it's only a reservoir, it's a really huge one, with lot's of current due to the strong wind. Boy, I was wrong when I thought the paddle boat was easy... it really work out your thighs!
The guys at the reservoir were really nice as they tried to entertain us as we were waiting for the next shutter-bus that take us to Bintan Lagoon Resort. They showed us the little enclosures with some deers. Offer to take us for a boat ride (motor-boat) for free. They even brought out their hand-made fishing rod and morsels of squid for us to do some fishing. Haha.. but there's no luck, I don't think the freshwater fish eat sotong.

Bintang Lagoon Resort looks really good. A spacious resorts, with a nice beach for surfing (strong waves) and nice pool to chill. We made a mental note to come here next time if we ever comes to Bintan again.

We ended up the night with a nice dinner at Bolei Bolei Market. Spend above $50 and you get a free private transport back to your resort. Nice deal - easy to hit $50 for 3. Food was not bad, but be cautious of the french bean-lookalike when you order Tom Yam soup! I think I save my friends when I sunk my teeth into the juicy looking french bean. Arghhh..! It's a super, duper potent chilli padi! When you thought red means more spicy. I think that's the most spicy chilli-padi I ever tasted. I spent quite awhile to relieve my "fried" tongue.
Day 2 - Was really nice. It's supposed to be a chill and lounge around day for us. Been looking forward to this part of the program, think it's the highlight of the trip.
We chill around at Mana Mana's beach and then move over to Nirwana's infinity pool to soak in the jacuzzi and pool..
We discovered that lunch at Mana Mana is in fact better than Nirwana, though it's cheaper. And the beach at Mana Mana definitely looks more inviting... So, for the beach, go to Mana Mana - if you're not particular about the rooms.
Check out the beautiful beach at Mana Mana!
Woo hoo... Looks like a really good place to lounge around...

But, of course we didnt on our 1st day - We did some paddling at the reservoir. Haha... do you remember how your parents would go dating and take this kind of paddle boat? So retro right? I think there're no more paddle boat in Singapore now.
Having great Fun at Nirwana's infinity pool.

Admiring the beautiful beach at Mana Mana for the last time ...

A Wonderful getaway trip for a weekend! Easy on my pocket, yet you go the great beach package!

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