Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dewy Dew Dew Hokkaido Vacation (Part II)

Day 4: 7 July 07 Rebun-Wakkanai

0546 Arrive Wakkanai (Hanatabi Rishiri)

Ferry from Wakkanai to Rebun (Kafuka), 2200Yen (0620-0815/0730-0925)

Mt Rishiri ~ from Rebun Island

Highlight: Trekking on Route # 4?

Still a long way to go...

Ferry from Rebun (Kafuka) to Wakkainai (1620-1815/1725-1920)

* Dinner @ Takechan – Tako Shabu 1 night stay at Wakkanai Moshiripa Youth Hostel (3960yen/pax)
Nice cozy Hostel...

Day 5: 8 July 07 Asahikawa-Asahidake-Biei

0710 Leave Wakkanai (Super soya 2)

1045 Arrive Asahikawa

*Left lugguage at Mazda Car Rental.

Lunch @ Santoka’s Shio Ramen lunch Supposedly famous ramen chain in Asahikawa. Hear that it’s coming to Singapore!

Direction: Follow Midoribashi-dori from the station out to the 3rd major intersection, (with spotlight) on the first floor of the Midoribashi building on the left corner. If reach Yonjo-dori, overshot by one intersection.

Pick up car and start off our road trip!!


*Asahidake onsen (1hr away from Biei & Asahikawa)

Asahidake Ropeway (0600-1900, 15min interval, 2800yen)

Option 1: Summit Hike – (1-2hrs 1way) OR

Option 2: Circular Trail – (30-60mins) - We took this, but due to some detour, and lots of time spent at taking pictures, so we spent about 90mins on the trek.

The breathtaking scenery and beatuiful blooms is just so irresistible...

Another shot with Asahidake in the background


*1 night stay at Bibaushi Liberty Youth Hostel (4,880yen/pax)
Nice little hostel, warm and cosy. Touch of the countryside. Private room with shared bathroom.

Day 6: 9 July 07 (Furano-Sounkyo-Abashiri)


Biei/ Furano – Lots of flower fields, patchwork fields and endless vast pastures for phototaking Sounkyo Gorge/waterfalls

The cute little house - a typical scenery on any japanese cartoon

The empty field opposite the sunflower field...

Farm Tomita - The famous colourful flower field

And, of course....

The Special place....

*Left Furano/Biei and head toward Abashiri by 5pm (estimated drive of 3hours)

It was a long...hard drive.... especially amidst the heavy fog. Luckily, the visibility became better as we went drove towards Abashiri.

* Packed dinner at Conveni Store during the Driving stops

*1 night stay at Hotel Sun Abashiri (4,000yen/pax)

~ To be Continued ~

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