Monday, January 09, 2006

Autumn Holiday Part V

Getting lazy with words, and I need to wake up early tomorrow... so I'll do a pictorial on Day 8 of my japan trip:
~ Shigaraki Cho to learn to Art of pottery making!

It's one of the 6 old Japanese kilns which is famous for pottery (信楽焼き), especially the raccoon dog statues that we could see in almost every Japanese garden.

It was a rainy day...and we were sort of "lost".. but I wasn't alone, so it was okay. *Grinz*

We trudged along the long and narrow road in search of ためき村.... we passed by lots of racoon dogs.. made several calls to make sure we were right on track, and the voice over the other side reassured us that we were near and were just "minutes" away.
"Turn left when you see a traffic light.... it's only minutes away after you passed the traffic light..." (Of course, it's in japanese but I wasn't the one making the call, else I don't think we'll ever find our way there. ha ha..)

We found the place eventually and it was indeed minutes away from the first traffic light we see, just that the traffic light is almost 30mins walk away from where we were.

We were late for our pottery class that my friend has arranged for us.

But we still had fun! It ain't as easy as it looks...


(which I have juz received! Thanks Toshi!)

Nice little playground to keep us occupied for awhile
as we waited patiently for our train..

A little shrine right across the railway track,

and I wonder who will go there.

A visit to the little town where all the famous pottery artists in Shiga prefecture live ...
And we spotted a Hanshin Tiger Shigaraki-yaki!

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sevenspell said...

I like the photo at the train station! Very nicely taken! Somehow it has an artistic touch to it.

Better keep your yaki properly - there's only one, unlike the maple leave. ;)