Monday, February 20, 2006

Obstacle course

Going down the sloping ramps,
Crossing the road,
Executing a precise turn, going down more slopes,
and finally, Climbing down and up the stairs ...

The rest of the photos didn't turn out well,
this is e Best I hv frm my HP

Now I know what Uncle R has to go through everytime he blades to ECP to meet us!

The most exciting part is when going back. Certain skills is required to go down the slope towards the underpass. Difficult I thought. I nearly flew down the stairs if not for YH's rescue. Exciting...

Shortly, a girl blade down the same slope, apply pressure constantly on her brake pad and stop just before the flight of stairs Effortlessly. Cool!

I think it's time I perfect my braking skills! *Embarrased*

Chilling by the pool after a tiring day...

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