Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Autumn Holiday Part VII

Day 11 - OSAKA
A morning stroll to Osaka Castle...

And followed by ~ Osaka Aquarium

海遊館, which literally means "playing in the Sea Pavillion", is one of the largest aquarium in the world centered around the theme "Gaiai Hypothesis" advocated by Dr James Lovelock. Osaka Aquarium is conveniently located on the waterfront of Tempozan. (Wait! Do you know that Tempozan is actually a mountain? or rather a hill? In fact, it is the Lowest hill in Japan!)

I Conquered This Mountain in my heels! すごいいですね。

There is an extensive collections of marine life that one could find in the Ring of Fire (Pan Pacific Volcanic Zone) and the Ring of Life (Pan Pacific Life Zone). It is one of the aquarium that houses every divers favourite mammal - the Manta Ray... Other than that, there's also the resident Whale Shark affectionately called "Yu-Chan", and the Cute and Legendary Ocean Sun Fish! Woo hoo...! What an eye-feast! I was staring at the super-huge tank (9 meters deep, 5,400 tonn) for a long, long while...filming and snapping Yu-Chan gliding around with her faithful followers, Manty playing in the little whirl-pool and the elegant spotted eagle rays flying around the tanks.

King Penguin at the "Antartic", Aren't they cute?

One of the resident sharks in the "Pacific Ocean"

"Manty" twirling around...

By the time, we finally left, it was already dusk. Nice christmas lightings lined the streets...

Marine-theme Christmas lighting framing the walls of the Aquarium

Beautiful night view from the Ferries Wheel at the Waterfront

The night ended with a really nice and yummy dinner at a Korean Restaurant that belongs to Toshi's uncle. It was ReallY GOOD, never tasted Korean food that's so delicious. Just tinking of it makes me drools... (I thought the Korean restaurant at Anson Rd is good, Now....)

Day 12 - Tottori

Beautiful view, yummylicious pear soft cream (that i still miss...), and butt-soring drive... All that that's nice, shall just let the pics do the work again...

Beautiful works of nature...

Sand dunes - the largest in Japan

Gazing at the vast Sea of Japan


And this marks the end of the 5 days Kansai Discovery Expedition withToshi San.

どもう ありがとうございます。。。

I shall be your host the next time you come to Singapore, or anywhere near Singapore

~ This I promise...

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