Saturday, April 22, 2006

Knock, knock... Is Veria still there?

Recently, there is no postings on my life. Not that I'm too busy, well...maybe just (a little?) busier, but definitely more interesting than just work and blading.

Other than the fixed, routined activities that I couldn't change - like earning my daily keeps that's consuming 50% of life, i'm only left with the weekends and nights to get some "Life". And on 2 out of the 5 nights on a normal work week, I gotta rush to my Japanese class at dusk, munching only some left-over sandwiches from breakfast to keep my stomach from growling in the middle of my lesson... On good days, i gotta buy my favourite Jolly Bean Soya milk to drink along the way and watch the sky turning crescent red as I walked briskly to School. But I guess good days are quite rare nowadays as the work schedule becomes tighter and, as far as possible, I'll try not to work on weekends. ("Work-Life Balance" Besides, I strongly believe in working efficiently so work should be completed within the 5 working days.)

Other weekday nights would be spent chilling at my boy friend's place or out in search for some fun. Weekends are the most precious to me as it's the only days which I get to sleep till late, spend lots of time with my love ones.. and get some cardio-workout (I suppose Blading is a good cardio workout, tho some might not agree with me... I mean if you exert some effort in each stride and go as fast as the cyclist, I'm sure it'll be a good workout isn't it?)

Oh, I'm straying away, supposed to be sharing the Interesting stuffs that's happening in my life right now!

Well, recently, I'm having lots of fun with Eugene's little project on exploring or rather, discovering interesting places in Singapore! Since the pictures are posted on his New Blog - Singapore Chic, I'll not be posting any here. So, check out Singapore Chic to find out what are the nice little corners of Singapore that most of us missed out! But, Hey, Pls remember that it's still his blog, so Not All that's written there reflects my thoughts. There are still some ideas/views, which I still couldn't see eye-to-eye with... (if you know what I'm refering to...)

Besides that, he also discovered an awesome and cool platform (Couching Surfing or hospitality club) where inter-cultural exchange could take place! Check out the links under Eugene's Blog under "Useful links". By registering as a member, you get to host people from all over the world, make new friends and Best of All, you get to have 'friends' around the world who will host you for Free when you visit their country. Cool isn't it?!! Because of this, I got to know my First Lithuanian friends too! I mean I don't even know that Lithuania exists before that... Well, in another week's time, Eugene will be hosting another foreigner. This time round, it's going to be someone from India. HUmm... can't wait to bring him around ... another new friend... Yippy! (P.S. In my teens, i once wanted to be a tour guide - imagine how exciting this is for me now that i could be a part-time tour guide!)


Wanderlust said...

Woah... my no. 1 supporter - shall reward you

fangster said...

guess i miss hearing things about you... good to know that you're enjoying the things you're doing :-) See ya later!