Sunday, October 01, 2006

Backpacking in Greece IV

Day 14 - Athens
The city of Athens was quite a sight! Concrete blocks sprouting out from sloping land, and the magnificent acropolis standing high and above the mosaic art of life.
For the last few days, we couchsurfed with Elpi - a sweet and funny girl. We even get to meet one of her good friends, Yota. They are such nice and sincere friends you wouldn't want to miss out knowing. Again, it's a pity we couldn't get to stay with her longer as we had to go off for day trips for the next few days...
Breakfast with Elpi before we set off to Peloponesse

Day 15 - Peloponesse - Epidavros, Mycanae

First stop at Epidavorus for the legendary amphitheatre with unbelievable acoustics (drop a coin at the centre of the stage, and one could hear it even from the furthest point in the theatre).

The mountain range afar form a nice backdrop for the ancient stage.

After Epidavros, we went to Mycanae, an ancient fortress and city. It is famous for it's Lion Gate, which you would never miss as you enter the site. Another important site you shouldn't miss is the Tomb of Atreus, which is shapped like a beehive. The sheer size of that beehive-shaped tomb is amazing!I wonder how the people built it with their ancient technology.

After the tour of the ruin and ancient city, we stopover at Naplifo for a night. We managed to get a nice domatia with a good view of Naplio. At our balcony, we could see the orange-lighted fortress that gleam in the dark. I could even see it through the little window as I wonderful!

Day 16 - Peloponesse - Napflio, Corinth

After Mykines, we decided to brave the heat and climbed Nine Hundreds, ninety-nine steps to reach the fort...and to find out that we could take a bus up!!! Well, this's the best fortress I have ever seen, I can't believe the city was captured without any struggles with such great fort.

The Fortress high above the hill

Nice sunset at Naplio

The door leading to paradise?


Restored art piece on display at Corinth

Day 17 to 18 - Meterora

This is one place that you shouldn't miss if you're in Greece. Not too difficult to reach from Athens with my resourceful dear as it's just 3hrs train ride away. There are a total of 6 monastaries perched atop these hills.

On the 1st day there, we hike up under the scorching hot sun and managed to visit 2 of them.

On the next day, I was spared the tedious hike and we took a bus up to the furthest monastery. We managed to cover the rest of it by foot and hitching a ride from kind visitors.

Isn't it amazing how they managed to build monastery on top of these pinnacles?

Wonders of nature

Day 19 - Hydra

Last island hopping escape at beatiful Hydra where artists goes for inspirations and ideas...

A little Donkey friend I made along the way..

The picturesque harbour

Beautiful sea

Day 20 -Athens, Rest and Relax

Elphi managed to find one of her friend, Nicos, another couchsurfer to host us for our last day in Athens. We are really lucky I think, as we get to know another great person who's really friendly and funny. We had a great time staying with him, riding the cows and having some homecooked dinner. He also took the trouble to bring us up a hill in Athens to check out the awesome night scene. It's those kind of things only the locals would know about it.

Is this the Milkyway?

Underneath the fun-loving nature lies a nice, family guy...

~ The End ~

Yahoo! I finally managed to finish my Greece blog!

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