Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Backpacking in Greece Part III

This series will be on Beautiful islands of the Cyclades... no words can describe the awe and beauty of these islands. Enjoy the picture blog.

Day 8- Santorini

Top facade of the church against the Misty blue sea

White-washed buildings stacking on top of the other by the cliff edge,

with backdrop of deep blue sea and baby blue skie blending in like a beautiful piece of painting...

~ no wonder it's such a photogenic place.

Hotel Katikies - the most beautiful, and also the most expensive Resort in Oia...

I will want to try it one day...

Getting a good spot to view the most beautiful sunset in the Cyclades - Oia, Santorini

The Most beautiful Sunset point in Oia...

Day 9 - Santorini, volcanic island tour

Crystal clear water...

Day 10 - Paros

Dusty pink sunset

Searching for the Jersey Tiger Moths in Petaloudes ...

and 'notty' Eugene checking out the flaming-red wings as the moths flee away in fright.

When you can no longer find these beautiful butterflies-lookalike next season, you know why...

Giving these little lambs some workout on a lazy afternoon...

I bet they had never felt so energetic!

Day 11 - Mykonos

Huge flock of seagulls hovering over the coast as they await morsels of fish intestines hurled out into the open sea...

Couldn't wait for a better chance to catch the seagulls close-up in flight!


"Little Venice"

Believe me..the real sights is as beautiful as these paintings..

Most-photographed windmills in Greece, Mykonos

Day12 - Delos

The Lions of Delos guarding over the ancient city...

Day 13 - Tinos

Beautiful floras commonly seen as we trudged through narrow path overgrown with weeds, in search of a close-up encounter with the dove-cotes.

The famous dove-cotes

Can you see the doves?

Church of Panagia Evangelistria -most important pilgrimage site in Greece.

Even carpets are paved from the pier to the entrance of the church for the thousands of devotees who crawl to the church during easter each year.

~End of our island-hopping entourage in Greece~

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