Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day

A holiday declared by my Company. Super long weekend for me, good, but not so great, as my hubby and friends are all working....

In the end, met my MIL for lunch at Taka' Sushi Tei, and followed by shopping at Orchard. Never had I seen so many people in the malls. Lots of stores were offering (up to) 70% off. Tempting... but after having spent so much in US (honeymoon trip), I got to tighten my belt and restrain myself.
*Impressed by my discipline*

Well, the mission for the day is Bedlinens for my new place (though STILL NOT yet ready). So we went to Robinsons, which is having some kind of special members' SALE. Wow, WOw...! The queue was very long and my MIL had to queue (abt 1 hour) whilst I chose my purchase. The people were buying as if everything was free! It's crazy the people are still spending when the market sentiments is so bad, and economy is getting gloomy...
My 'New' Mother & Me

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