Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas BBQ

Annual Christmas BBQ
~ using Terence trusty portable pit

The Scouts doing their job..
Christmas Menu for the Night:

~ Black pepper beef

~ Spicy Jiang yu zai Stingray

~ XO prawns

~ Honey lemon chicken, XO Chicken wings

~ Chicken sausages

~ butter crabsticks

Initially, we thought of having BBQ underneath the stars....

In the end, we shifted the portable pit to the sheltered porch due to sudden downpour
But the weather did not spoil our mood for BBQ !

And of course, Cheers to Siting
for her wonderfully marinated food!!

(Now we know who should be incharge of preparing the BBQ food next time...)

Now, the christmas lightings on wheels...

and we are lucky to be the passengers =)

Start of the Strip

Playful lightings to brighten
the gloomy mood during difficult time like this...

Swinging down Orchard Road amidst the blues

Bad jam means we can have a little more time taking pics

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