Sunday, March 01, 2009

Honeymooning on the West Coast (Part III)

24th Nov'08: Camarillo premium outlet
Shopping!! So, no pics for today.. Only about 4hrs to shop..
Want to take some pictures of the wonderful outlet, but totally forgot about it when I started shopping.

At about 4pm, we started our drive to Death Valley.
Oh yah, did I mention that we totally skipped lunch? And my poor dew got to take Subway sandwich as he drive towards Death Valley

We nearly lost our way as we circled the area a few rounds before finding Furnace Creek Ranch, our acoomodation for the night!

25th Nov'08: Death Valley

In the morning, we drove past Painter's valley towards Badwater basin, the lowest elevation in North America at 85.5m below sea level. Amazing isn't it?

A few other sights to see in Death Valley - Furnace Creek Area (very near our lodge):
- Dante's view: the ultimate viewing point atop the mountain

- Natural Bridge: Massive rock span across the canyon, looks like a sturdy bridge for a giant
- Devil's golf course: immense area of rock salt with jagged edges... and you wonder why it's called devil's golf course

Check out the razor sharp salt-crystals.... I wouldn't want to fall at the Devil's golf course..

- Artist's Drive: Scenic loop drive through the colourful hues created by different minerals on the hills.

Stovepipe wells area:-
- Sand Dunes: Got to go there to satisfy dew's weird desire to set his feet on massive sand dunes after his dissapointment with the sand dune at Nida

Next stop:
- Scotty's castle: a spanish style mansion built by "fiticious gold"
- Ubehebe's crater

After Death Valley, we drove down to Les Vegas!

After checking into MGM Grand, we had dinner at Wolfgang Puck's bar and grill, followed by Mystere show at Treasure Island.

26 Nov'08: Les Vegas
After breakfast at Nathan, we drove to LV premium outlets. Another 4 hours of shopping before we went back to LV to explore the hotels at the strip.

Caught the fountain show at Bellagio again. Beautiful!

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