Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Photoshoot on 5 Sep 08

For the first time, I was discipline enought to moisturise my terribly dry legs the night before without being reminded to - even my freshly manicured fingers and pedicured-toes was not spared.

Woke up earlier than the usual working days to start off our very early photoshoot...

Left Dew's hse at 7.50am to pick up my photoshoot bouquet at Fleurlicious. Very beautiful posy of pink, champagne eustomas and white roses. Looks like those from the glossy magazines. Impressed!

Simply love it!!

Reached Eric's studio at 8.30am and started my makeup by Gin while poor dew got to make a trip back for my Yukata and globe for the photoshoot. Dew was terribly worried about the downpour in the morning...

Hair for WG
Indoor photoshoot for Yukata, Evening gown and Actual Gown before we break for packed-lunch.

Luckily, the skies turned bright and cheery in the afternoon. Just right for our outdoor shoot! Have never seen such blue skies for long long time...

Outdoor locations:
- Club street
- St Teresa Church
- Hort Park
- Alexander Park
- Labrador Park

We ended the shoot at about 5pm and went back to Eric's studio to pack for our next round of night shoot (with complimnets from Dew's buddy - Rodin).

Night shoot location:
- The Flyer
- Fullerton Hotel
(Visit my multiply website to get a glance of the Night Shoot pictures!)

Ended at 11pm. Deadbeat at the end of the day. facial muscles can' even managed a smile wen dew told me a joke. No joke!

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