Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Little gifts in life

I have been trying to look for the perfect pair of shoes for my gym and sports... Can’t seem to find one that’s multi-purpose (Cross-Trainers). When I finally found one at Queensway Shopping Centre one week ago, my sizes were all sold out! So I tried to search for one again on Sunday, this time round asking my Personal Trainer friend to help me find a suitable pair of shoes. Only then, I found out that not every pair of branded (like Nike, Adidas, etc) shoes is good. You got to check whether there is enough support at the sole and ankle so that it could prevent any sprain during workout. I also learnt how to choose the right pair of shoe for every activity based on the markings on the sole. With these new knowledge equipped, I realized that it’s even harder to find one with a nice design and yet suited to my needs.

But I finally Found it! Today! Yeah!!! And I even managed to go for my gym workout after delaying my visit for so many weeks after my previous pair of shoe was spoilt. So, that’s the gift for me!

I also got some nice chocolates from a friend today. Yummy…

A cute little bunny from my mum (which she won during the game she played at the Mini-mart near our house)…

Some cakes and pastries from my cute little brother who has finally completed his tedious 3 months training at Palau Tekong… Yeah, I will get to see him more often now!

Simple things in life that makes me happy… *Grin*

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hazelyn said...

Babes, the shoes look nice but the chocolates look EVEN nicer! heh :)