Saturday, November 12, 2005

Our Birthdays!

Dinner date at Ma Maison (Japanese-Western fusion restaurant) was the highlight for me on Friday. Food was nice, ambience cozy and most importantly the company was fantastic.

Recount of my recent Japan trip took my attention away from the tempting food that was being served on the table. My buddies tried very hard to grill me on any "juicy developments" while I was in Japan to no avail. After dinner, we viewed the photos but they were soon bored with the never-ending pictures of beautiful scenery, flowers, spiders and streets. Then they started asking, “where are you … I want to see you in the pictures...” Ha ha ha… That’s how it is when traveling alone. An occasional shot of me became the highlight of the album.

Before we know it, the restaurant is closing, and we had to adjourn to Intercontinental Hotel lounge. I presented them with gifts from Japan (courtesy of Yingster and me). They were excited like little kids when they open up their presents; saying that I should go Japan more often so that they will have more gifts (from us). Their excitement caught the attention of the curious waiter at the hotel and Janster joked that it’s our birthday that night. And he actually believed it! Ha ha… he got our names and dedicated a song for us. What a night!
Look at their radiant smiles with the 1st round of gift presentation...

And more smiles with the second round of gift unwrapping session...

And that's us after a Great night out...

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hazelyn said...

Heya babes,

Great pics, great night and of course, great company!

Thank you for the lovely gift once again. :)

p/s: Erm, you don't have to go to Japan, anywhere you're holidaying, just bring back pressies! Heh. So, when are you leaving again? :p