Saturday, November 26, 2005

Simple love...

As i was surfing through my "Daily Bread", i read this blog about a nice, touching song on "Love is Simple"-(Direct translation).


I still live in an ideal world where i believe Love can be simple if one love with their heart- truly and sincerely. But i guess i'm being too idealistic, as i was disappointed time and again when the harsh reality jolt me up from my dreamy world.

Nobody really believe in this anymore, and it takes two to clap. So, one silly idealistic fool would only cause disappointment and hurt to oneself.

Is that why people are getting more and more disillusioned about love?

Where is the innocence and courage that one used to have when love struck them? People fear rejection and even disappointment or hurt that might come at the end of it all. As such, became hesitant and dare not venture further to find their true love when uncertainty of whether the relationship will eventually work out tugged at their fragile heart.

Well, after all is said, i still believe Love can be simple and simple love still exists. Hope that i can slowly muster the courage to follow my heart again...

Love like you have never been disappointed by love before..

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sevenspell said...

Is that blog mine, or we just happened to blog about the same thing? hahaha

I agree with your opinions, but i kind of don't believe that kind of love exists anymore.